About the chocolate bar

Bon Group was established by two women with a love of food and a natural kitchen talent!
We wanted to share with the world what we have so long enjoyed at home, and decided on opening a fresh food café.
We made lists of all our favourite recipes that we thought should be included, only to discover that most of our items were desserts, and almost all of them contained chocolate. The Chocolate Bar concept was born, and has taken over our lives!

To bring chocolates and desserts made from scratch using premium natural ingredients (no ready mixes, or preservatives) from our kitchen to our customers.
All our products are made fresh daily on site in our small kitchen.
We buy our chocolate (premium Belgian) in huge blocks, and melt it down, flavoring and molding it into our own homemade chocolate. To us, it is the taste not the appearance that counts

To please every chocoholic ! (and turn those who aren't into chocoholics).
Our products range from the sublime white chocolate red berry trifle, to the All-American chocolate chip cookie.
From the classic chocolate molten cake, to the exquisite French chocolate truffles. From the unusual chocolate peanut butter mousse pie, to the Oriental chocolate Baklava. We offer chocolate in its purest, unadorned form in our chocolate “SHOTS”, and in its structured form in our chocolate layer cakes.
Our customers can choose to sample items in dark, milk or white chocolate or try all three in our chocolate Fondue specialty.

To provide our customers with a pure, untampered chocolate experience in a comfortable, relaxing yet lively atmosphere.
The Chocolate Bar is a place to indulge. Indulge in the food, the setting, and the service. It is a place for friends and for family.
For sharing and for choosing to eat it all on your own ! It is our aim to create a place in which people leave happier, and more satisfied than when they came in.

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